Interactive Street Performance on the streets of Edinburgh

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Unexpected discovery

On the very first day of our stay in Edinburgh, we decided to visit the Royal Botanic Garden. While strolling around the streets, we have stumbled upon a growing by the minute crowd of people. Naturally, our congenital curiosity took over and we decided to stop for a few minutes to check out what is happening. This was our first day in Edinburgh and so my husband was recording almost everything and I was on the photo shooting duty to not miss anything for you guys!

As we approached the crowd, we realised that it was in fact a large circle of people surrounding a street performer at the beginning of his act. Of course the performance was interesting and funny but what really convinced us to stick around was the interactive and didactic nature of the show.

where’s wally?

I am actually in the crowd and you can see me through 3/4th of the show, see if you can spot where I am  🙂


My husband recorded the whole thing and so you can also experience it like we did but please remember that it supposed to be satiric and so some jokes may not be appropriate for everyone. Enjoy and  let me know what you think!

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  1. Todd is amazing, he’s always been this kind of funny. I’ve known him since oh..about 4th grade. Best friends for decades. So glad you folks had a great time with his show!

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