Tips and Must Have Items When Going to Scotland During Winter

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Where to go and how to get there?

Every trip you go for is different to the last one and so it is very difficult to bring everything you might ever need everywhere you go. Our trip around Scotland  and in fact the whole of the United Kingdom in some sense was a difficult one to make sure everything needed is with us at all times. The massive advantage we have had was the fact that we traveled using our trusty car (featured in some photos and videos). I must admit – this expedition would look completely different if not for our large, specious and comfortable car. Although the list of ‘must have’ was long, we did manage to fit everything and some in the car. If you are ever faced with a choice of the way you travel, I do recommend using a car, mainly due to the convenience of being able to go where you want when you want, but also because of the almost not restricted luggage space! All my female readers will agree that we cannot have enough cosmetics, clothes and accessories!

So… where shall I start…!?


Before you plan what to take with you for your two weeks long journey you must consider what is it that you are going to be doing and where will you stay each night.

There are a few ways you can organise your accommodation but my personal favourite are little lodges which provide a lot of privacy for fairly low cost – if you find a good deal that is! I have actually had a chance to try something completely new which you can read about here [Klik]

Our plan was fairly simple – we booked the first two hotels and then everything that came after was a bit of a gamble or how I would like to look at it – ‘a surprise’!

On each last evening in any given hotel we would look online in search for deals and promotions to find something interesting in the rough location of where we were heading and if something caught our eye we would book it – just like that! Although it all sounds very simple, some of the hotels took us a few hours to find but thanks to the time of year we did manage to find a promotional price for every location we stayed at.

When you have a rough idea where you are going to stay each night of your journey you can determine whether you need to bring a sleeping bag or not. Some places are cheaper if you have your own bedding so by bringing a couple of cushions and a warm blanket or a sleeping bags you may be able to save even 10 pounds per night! Although we did not need the bedding most of the time, we have had some cushions with us and actually used them in one of the hostels because the ones provided were way too big. I suppose it is a matter of preference but if there is no space limits, why not treat yourself to what you know and like right? Preference and comfort isn’t the only reason to bring bedding with you, in the absolute worse case scenario you can sleep in your car and you will thank me for this warm blanket then 😉 We did not need to sleep in the car during this two weeks long journey but you never know what might happen and so it is better to be ready for everything!

WHat you’ve been waiting for! The CLOTHES

Obviously the clothes you bring with you are important but what is more important is to match your wardrobe to the time of year and the weather! We knew we were going to famously wet and windy Scotland and if this wasn’t enough, we were going there in the coldest time of year – I know crazy right? Well it turns out it wasn’t as crazy idea as it looked like initially!

The clothes we packed were obviously cosy sweatshirts, and warm jackets but the stars of the show must have been the high waterproof shoes and warm hats! Walking around cities and visiting the ‘in town’ attractions is much easier because the temperature among the tall walls of the buildings is much higher than elsewhere and so you do not need to wear thick jackets and tall shoes. For this kind of plans it is good to have a thinner perhaps windproof jacket with a stylish scarf and a nice hat to top it off. It’s easy to get really hot while walking around so make sure to be ready for everything!

A very large part of our trip was the site seeing which often involved hiking! This is why we bought strong, waterproof and warm winter shoes with us. Combined with very warm jackets, gloves and beanies they have protected us from the elements countless times!

 Best clothes for trip to Scotland in winter
These clothes proved to be the best during our trip. Cozy, warm sweaters and jumpers, hats, gloves, wool scarf and waterproof thick shoes where perfect for outdoor (mountain) long walks.


Due to the time of year I have not had much chance to show of my necklaces and bracelets but nevertheless I have packed a few pieces. If you really need accessories, feel free to take them with you but I can tell you now, you will not have many chances to wear them in the winter.

other useful items

Over the two weeks of our trip we have walked for almost 44 miles (70 km) and with no chance to charge our phones, cameras and other essential electronics we simply could not survive without battery banks.

Battery banks perfect for travel
The best thing ever to charge your phone, cameras and other during long trips. Battery banks!

Most of Scotland (outside of large cities) does not have any radio or 4G signal and so some music and a few movies on your laptop or a tablet will make your stops at little hotels much more enjoyable as well as the driving more bearable if you have some of you favourite music on your phone or an mp3 player. Make sure to entertain yourself so your journey does not get dull!

Hope my tips helped you pack for your big trip. I am looking forward to hearing from you about all your adventures!

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  1. I’ve heard it sooooooooooooo windy over there lol and I thought England was windy. id love to visit in summer!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Happy New Year to you and your family!!

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