The Isle of Skye Lighthouse in the Winter – Neist Point

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Neist Point, Isle of Skye, Scotland

This magical abandoned lighthouse is situated on Isle of Skye and was on our must see list. The day we have planed to visit the Neist Point was quite clear. The weather in Scotland is really unpredictable, especially in the winter, so armed with our photography equipment and a hope for a sunny day we set off. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough and after arriving at the Neist Point, we were met with a heavy rain. The limited amount of time we have had did not allow us to wait for another day. Not at all discouraged with the weather, we decided to take a challenge and walk for about 2 hours in very heavy rain and wind. I really wish we were a bit better prepared for this walk as the supposedly waterproof clothes we wore were not at all water resistant. After this little endeavour, we went back to the hotel, completely soaked!

Let me give you a little tip. If you plan on visiting the Isle of Sky in the winter, make sure to take a really good waterproof cape! I will definitely remember this for the next time!

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Sweater – Zaful [Klik] / Coat – Dresslily [Klik] / leggings – Top Shop / shoes – Karrimor

Neist Point winter

The lighthouse was really beautiful. I was wondering why it wasn’t turned into a hotel yet! I can imagine that people who are looking for a little getaway places would be happy to stay there for the night. I would love to experience a night among the crushing waves. It must be an amazing night, especially with the heavy winds lashing the walls of the light house. Just imagine being in a warm, safe solitude of the light house with the elements at their worst outside. Everyone appreciates cutting off from everything “technological” once in a while.

The only path leading to the light house is quite long and hilly. For it to become a successful hotel, this place probably needs a better access for vehicles. Why would anyone want to destroy such an amazing landscape though!?

While walking to the Neist Point, you will see sheep, hear winds and smell the sea. This is a really beautiful place almost taken over by the nature. Perhaps in the summer you could get closer to the sea and other parts of this place which we couldn’t reach in the winter. The fog covered quite a lot of the beautiful views and strong rain limited our time there, but I still believe the winter landscape has something amazing in it. The bad weather actually have had a positive side – we were the only people at Neist Point that day!

Neist Point Isle of Skye

Nest Point Winter view
View on the way back – Neist Point

neist point lighthouse

Photos : Konrad K. / Me

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