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Trip to Rye, Camber Sand IN Great Britain

Rye, Camber Sand is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in south England. This was one of the very first such hot days of this year! In the forecasts the temperature was supposed to exceed 27 degrees and it was very close to it. Apparently it’s more then on Ibiza right now! We decided to spend the beginning of this long awaited season at the beach. I wont lie to you, the beach was not empty! A crowd of equally sun thirsty people rushed to Camber Sand along with us. Our journey took much longer than it would usually, however there was enough space for everyone! Yes, we had to walk quite a bit from the main beach but it’s a pleasure to walk in the sun and smell the sea!

The sea tide

This place is characterized by very fast sea tides. The sea disappears and arrives in seconds. During the full sea tide we walked about a mile to get to the sea. By the time we finished shooting, the buoy, which you can find on some photos was standing on sand. I did not manage to take any photos of the buoy but next time I will plan my trip and session around the sea tide and take some photos on the buoy! 🙂

About THE look

I got this dress from my mum long time ago but never had a chance to wear it. Today, was a perfect day for this maxi, white, romantic and bohemian look. I have set the dress with embellished sandals from River Island and headband from New Look.

Rye Camber Sand Sea Fashion Photography 2016

Rye Camber Sand Sea Fashion Photography

Rye Camber Sand Uk Travel

cien gif 2016 camber sand may

Rye Camber Sand May 2016 small 13

Rye Camber Sand 2016 may gif

Rye Camber Sand Sea uk

Dress – Falmer Heritage / Shoes – River Island / Headband – New Look

Photos : Konrad K. / Me

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  1. I love how you are wearing this dress! So sweet.

    Dakota D.

  2. Stunning Photos! hope it wasn’t too cold! thanks for sharing!
    xo Yvonne

  3. Amazing photos hun! Your mum’s dress looks amazing to you as well 🙂
    Have a great weekend & kisses from Mykonos!

  4. Beautiful pictures and it looks like an amazing place! Thank you for sharing x

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