My First Hot Balloon Experience

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Story of My First Hot Balloon Flight

This was my first and I hopefully not last balloon journey! It was an amazing and exciting experience! We had been planning this for quite a long time. Due to autumn winds, winter rain and my crazy busy spring schedule at uni! Eventually, we menaged to make this happen in very late summer and we decided to take our flight at sunset!

hot balloon experience

The day was warm and sunny. We got to the starting place in late afternoon and although we arrived in time, the balloon was nowhere to be seen! There is no way we could have missed this massive thing! – I thought. After about 20 minutes and a trip to the information desk we finally noticed a small jeep with quite large trailer. A very polite gentleman pulled the balloon basket out of the trailer. But where is the balloon?

It turned out that we were asked to help with spreading and inflating the balloon! We where all surprised but very excited at the same time because we had never before seen how it’s done, from the beginning to the end! The balloon looks very impressive from the inside! The photos do not express beautiful it looks in full size!

hot balloon experience uk

hot balloon experience uk kent

The size of balloon basket was slightly worrying! Believe it or not but I would say there was space for max 4 people but there was 6 people + the balloon “pilot”! Crazy!!  To my surprise, we manged fit inside without major problems!

hot balloon flight uk

hot balloon flight

We riseD up

When everyone was ready we lifted up! Rise up was quite quick, but generally slow and uneventful. Every now and then we could hear the noise of the burner. Though small balloon basket and lack of space to turn around we didn’t feel scared at all. The views and the sunset were breathtaking!

We flown from Headcorn to Tenterden in Kent, Great Britain.

hot balloon rises up

hot balloon we are up

amazing views from balloon uk

amazing views from hot balloon kent

 hot balloon sunset kent uk

hot balloon amazing sunset kent

I was most surprised by the landing – there was no proper place for it at all. Usually, balloons land on one of the field and no one knows which one it will be. We tried landing three times and on the third time we maneged to land. We’ve had one more surprise ahead of us – we all had to help with folding the balloon! To this day I can’t believe that such a big balloon can fit into such a small car trailer!

At the end of it all, we’ve had some champagne!

Jacket/sweater – River Island / trousers – Tezenis

Photos : Konrad K / Me

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  1. OMG I have always wanted to do this!! They have a place here I could go to. Cool blog I am your newest follower.

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