The first day in Rome

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Rome street

 Finally I have visited one of the most famous and amazing cities in Europe. I must say that Rome’s architecture is just breathtaking! Each street is different and has it’s own beauty and many, many monuments.We where walking a lot today but all the lovely views around us compensated the many miles we walked. You will never get bored of the surroundings but your feet will most definitely force you to stop and get rest. When viewing sites in Rome you should try the local food and drinks to fully appreciate the culture. Today’s photos are from my first day in Rome – Stay tuned for more!  

Tempio Adriano Rome
Tempio Adriano
Tempio Adriano Italy
Tempio Adriano, Rome

Outfit Rome

My look Rome

Rome Italy

shoes rome

Streets beauty Rome

Streets in Rome architecture

Around the Rome

Amazing Architecture Rome Italy

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Busy street Rome

Rome food

architecture Rome

Street Rome Italy

Photos : Konrad K. / Me

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  1. Rome, well, what a beautiful city. You already convinced yourself about it. You’ll discover lot of things and places. It’s an old city but lovely.

  2. That is so beautiful! My cousin is studying abroad there right now and I am so jealous of all the pictures he constantly sends over.


  3. Beautiful photos! and I love your backpack. wishing you a fantastic holiday!

  4. I love Rome i think it’s a wonderful city!!!amazing pics and post darling!
    A big kiss

  5. Im so jealous, I can’t wait to travel all thru Europe, I’m dying to go!!

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