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Fatima Portugal

My journey to Fatima, Portugal

Fatima is one of those places – really close to my heart. As a little girl I was taking part in a play about the miracle in Fatima. The lead role of Saint Mary which I was casted as, left a footprint of curiosity in this topic. Back then, when I was young this topic was very popular – people have been talking about the Fatima’s miracle and the three secrets. I have heard a lot about huge numbers of pilgrims traveling to Fatima to seek healing. I never even though that I will have a chance to visit this wonderful place – it was so distant.

During my vacation in Portugal, as soon as I found out that it might be possible to visit Fatima, we have decided to devote a whole day of our holidays to do just that. Driving there took us 3,5 h (just one way).

When we have arrived, a large temple and a huge square grew before us. I presume the square was so large because massive amounts of people are coming here to take part in more important masses. The day we have chosen was very peaceful though. There was a lot of people but it was easy to move around due to the amount of space available. We could almost feel the peace and quiet in the air. From time to time we could only hear prayers and burning candles. Some people have been moving down the square on their knees – it was a very long distance but some people have had their own ideas to do it – using sponges strapped to their knees.

Although people are talking about the energy of this place and all kind of miracles taking place in Fatima, I have not felt anything special at all. I believe that positive energy is everywhere where people are praying honestly and it does not matter if it’s in a small old church in the forest or a large temple. One thing that particularly drawn my attention was the way shops are located. All of them have been placed around the temple outside the walls of the square so there was no distractions for people visiting the temple.

The whole trip was wonderful. Weather was beautiful, food really tasty only the distance could be shorter from the place we have been staying. Overall I have had a wonderful time in Fatima!


Church Fatima

Fatima miricle

Fatima Church inside

Fatima Portugal area

Fatima Portugal main square

Fatima John Poul Second

Fatima wax candles place

Photos : Konrad K. / Me

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  1. What a beautiful place, I would love to visit! Stunning photo’s. Laura. xx

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