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Eastbourne looking at the sea

In my previous posts about Eastbourne you can find photos of the amazing White Cliffs called ‘Seven Sisters situated between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne in southern England and one of the lovely sea view locations, situated near the Cliffs. Today we explore the rest of this lovely town and the beautiful pier.

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Eastbourne travel summer trendy look

Eastbourne promenade and sea view

Printed Wolf Tshirt summer look

Eastbourne amazing sea and white cliffs view
The White Cliffs view from the town.

Eastbourne Gray prnted tshirt and heavy necklace a

Eastbourne promenade uk

The pier in Eastbourne isn’t as ‘entertaining’ as in the neighbouring Brighton, some may even say that It’s boring for those who visited more then once. I must agree with this but this place has a few very positive things going on, which you may not be able to find in Brighton.

  • Absolutely no crowds! If you like to have rest from people every so often and walk around the promenade just gathering thoughts without crowds,  this is definitely a place for you.
  • Coastal restaurants are serving absolutely delicious coffee which you can drink while admiring the sea (there is always somewhere to sit).
  • The amazing views! – You can start your day from a trip to the ‘Seven Sisters’ (the cliffs) and end at the pier. You may also discover a lot of beautiful places like this one [Klik]. I have found it accidentally when we walked around the public paths. The place and breathtaking views really surprised us. I have visited Eastbourne for the third time and must say that it is a perfect place to really relax and stop thinking about the everyday life!

I was really struggling to find a good restaurant as I am not a fan of ‘fish and chips’. During the season weekends, there are stands along the beach where you can find the best fresh food (even if it’s only take away) and other stuff like souvenirs, clothes etc.

Eastbourne sea promenade and diver
The pier is decorated in blue and white colours which looks very pretty and ‘ship-like’. There are benches all the way around the pier. I caught a swimmer practising for a competition, he swam all along the beach.
Eastbourne uk sea
Sea view from the pier.
Eastbourne UK England Summer
Eastbourne town view from the pier.

Eastbourne sea and twon views

Eastbourne views white cliffs and town
The White Cliffs view from the pier.

Photos : Konrad K. / Me

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  1. This location is breathtaking and you look beautiful. I love your tee shirt dress. You look cute and comfy.

  2. Amazing place and photos Wiolette! This place looks really worth visiting and I am impressed with the sea views and how organised the coast line looks!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  3. The word beautiful certainly falls short for this amazing place – what a great shoot. Looking lovely.

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