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Eastbourne 2

This is my second trip to Eastbourne. I have visited this place a few years ago but I fell like it was really long time ago! So many things changed in that time….  I must say, this place is just amazing! Eastbourne is known for it’s beautiful and breathtaking views “from” and “of” white cliffs (in the next post) but there is much much more to see. This time we have had a little walk around the bottom part of the cliffs and we have found this amazing beach a little bit uncovered by the outflow. This is the kind of a place which is great to let your body and mind rest from the everyday problems! It was supposed to be rainy that day when we have got there it turn out to be a perfect weather for a long walk. Only a few people around, calmness of the sea, peace and quiet, delicate wind and the smell of sea. This is all I need to relax!

I was wearing one of my designs from last year’s mini collection with my print design. The collection was inspired by Mystical Beauty Of The Tropical Sea and It is a prelude to the winter collection of sweaters that I am working on right now! More info soon! – Stay Tuned!  xx

Eastbourne 7

Jumper dress and print – my design

Eastbourne 6

Eastbourne 5

Eastbourne 9

Eastbourne 4a

Eastbourne 8

Eastbourne 3

Photos : Konrad K / Me

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  1. what a beautiful location & I seriously love the jumper dress. What a wonderful design you created! :]

  2. You are one of my fave bloggers. Everything in your blog is beautiful, from photography to fashion to the places u have traveled. That’s why I regularly check your blog. You are an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing.

    ♥ Gly

  3. Amazing photos!
    Have a nice end of the week!
    Angela Donava

  4. The pictures are so amazing!
    You look so stunning <3
    SCF// Styleccentric Fashion //

  5. The photos looks amazing! 😀 Would love to visit Eastbourne!

  6. Magnifique photos
    Le paysage est à tomber et ton look j’adore
    Bonne soirée

  7. What a gorgeous place! And that jumper is so unique and well-designed! Well done!

  8. your blog is out of control! the photography is amazing! so happy i found your site! 🙂

    xx Jess

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