Abandoned Old Perithia village – it is worth to visit? Corfu

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Abandoned old Perithia, Corfu

We love abandoned places and over the last years, we have visited many of them during our trip to Portugal. Some of them where really interesting, for example the white abandoned villa ( you can find it Here [klik] ). As soon as we heard about the abandoned village called the Old Perithia on Corfu, we could not wait to visit this place.

Abandoned old Perithia Corfu

The village is situated in the north part of the Corfu island in the mountains just under the highest point called Pandokrator. To get there, we had to drive uphill on very snaky roads,  for quite a while (about 20 min). The higher you are the more beautiful views you can admire. When we eventually got there, the temperature was about 35*C, but it didn’t discourage us because we where very exited to see this place. The first building we have noticed, was a very pretty, pink Church. I am more then sure it would be equally beautiful inside, unfortunately both entrances where padlocked! Already, a bit disappointed, we have walked further into the village. Some lovely little houses appeared to our eyes, very old but most of them renovated and converted into restaurants. Right next to them, we have noticed a few abandoned houses, but these were also closed for tourists just like all the other churches in the village! (there are a few of them there). Some of the houses are open to visit unfortunately those one’s are usually without doors or windows and are very much overgrown which make it really difficult and in some cases impossible to come inside.

Old Perithia Corfu Greece

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Old Perithia Corfu Greece island
During our walk around Old Perithia we have found a lovely bee-garden where the owners were selling local honey!

Abandoned village Corfu

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Compared to all other abandoned places I have visited in the past, (and I have seen quite a few) this village is not really abandoned. It is clear that the village is controlled and run by people and it’s only purpose is tourism. Although, 2h is more than enough time to see the whole village, there are day long trips to this place organised by touristic agencies which in my opinion all day here is a bit of too much.

It is worth to visit Old PErithia on Corfu?

Thanks to beautiful old buildings (churches and some of the houses), pretty little streets decorated with colourful flowers, this place is worth visiting, especially for everyone interested in photography. Saying that, I would definitely recommend going there in your own car because a day trip is definitely too much. When you finish your tour around the village there is nothing to do really.

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