Wild Forest

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Wild Forest

Ashdown forest uk

 I took a brake from making clothes for my final graduate collection and portfolio today! We have had such a lovely Saturday and so I went out to breathe some fresh air for a bit, away form crowded town. I wanted to relax  and give express myself in photography 😛  I am also going to add a new section of the site soon – Portfolio and a lot new photos with my designs! Stay tuned !  xxx

 Poncho & Shirt – V&K Boutique / Jeans – River Island / Hat – Select 

wild forest and new outfit inspiration

black hat and poncho

fashion blogger new lookbook

wild forest poncho in the look

wild forest photography

ashdown forest travel uk

Travel and fashion blogger wild forest

wild forest photoshoot and fashion outfit poncho

sunset in wild forest poncho look

Photos : Konrad K./Me / We took the photos in Ashdown Forest / UK

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  1. Such perfect photos!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  2. i’m in love with the photographs. black and red in the middle of the forest is stunning. very good job(:
    a new follower of your blog<3

    xx from Italy

  3. Totally love the pictures!
    Have a great evening!
    Natallia Jolliet

  4. I liked so much your style!!! I loved the colors and that place is beautiful!!!

  5. Wow that post is breathtaking! The photos are perfect and you look stunning!

  6. I love these pictures and good luck for your graduate collection!


  7. Fantastic photos!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  8. Beautiful pictures as always, Wioletta. I’m excited for your new section of your website. ♥♥♥


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