What To Do During Long Autumn Evenings?

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I’ve spent last Sunday morning with my lovely girlfriends and our new little friend Sasha (she is so cute, ist she?). Gossiping while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee – this is what we like the most 😛

I love autumn for it’s colors and for all the cozy clothes I can wear. There are also things about this time of year that no one likes. It gets really cold and dark really quick! Most of you probably wonders what to do during these long, dark evenings. Nights are getting longer and longer, and I assure you there are many ways you can spend this time away from your TV and your computer…


What To Do During long autumn evenings?

  • Try different kinds of tea or coffee. Perhaps there are flavors and types of drinks you have never tried before? Take time to preper your hot brews, learn how they should be made to get the best taste out of it and maybe read a bit of history about them.
  • Read a books that you never had time to read before.
  • Spend more time with friends and family.
  • Bake something you never backed before – this one could be a little challenging but deffinietly fun!
  • Learn how to cook healthy food and discover different delicious recipes which may take more time the usual but will make you taste the difference.
  • Do a wardrobe overview. Throw away items you don’t need or never going to use. Make more space in your home!
  • Wear cosy clothes – trust me, this is more enjoyable than it sounds!
  • Have a candlelit dinner with your loved one!
  • Do something creative – make something for this one empty wall in your house!
  • Go to the gym, pool or start working out at home in front of the TV with your favourite trainer and music!
  • Go for a last minute weekend city getaway!
  • Plan where you want to go for Christmas!

What I am Wearing ?:

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Photos : Monika Żurawek / Me

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  1. Lovely post and just the right timing – it is snowing in copenhagen already, so i am definitely staying inside 😉
    x caroline

  2. Lovely post, I love curling up with a book and a nice cup of coffee during autumn evenings
    And little Sasha is absolutely adorable!

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