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What animal would you be in your “next life”, if you’d be given a choice? I’ve been asked this question a few times in my life and I must say that it is quite hard question.

When having to answer this question, in a moment, a large number of possible answers come to your mind but then you start analysing them one by one. You are looking for an animal which has a good, peaceful and safe life. One that lives in a place that is not too hot or cold but just right! One that can easily run from danger and has an easy access to food. Each animal is different and their lifes have perks as well as disadvantages and so it’s not easy to compare them and choose.

feeding the ducks

After a longer reflection I think a bird is one I would like to be.

Why bird?

They are completely free because they can fly….  and watch our beautiful world from the sky. They see the wold differently to all other creatures, they can observe earth’s life unnoticed and sing the most amazing sons!

Printed Casual Maxi Dress

About the look

With my love to maxi dresses, I would like to show you a perfect casual dress featured in today’s post designed by Jill from STYLEWE boutique. I love her simple black top composed with the printed, airy bottom part, with a lovely bow at the back. I like to wear this kind of dresses especially when going out shopping and meeting friends. You can look trendy and stylish but not too elegant. I set the dress with the sandals from Top Shop which are the most comfortable sandals I have ever bought. The necklace and bracelet band are made by me. I am planning to record a video on how to make your own neck bands (they are really trendy this summer)! Stay tuned!

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 Maxi Dress

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Trendy Summer Hair Style

Sun Glasses

Trendy neck band jewellry

Summer Casual Trendy Printed Maxi Dress

Ducks world

Dress – Stylewe / Shoes – Top Shop / Necklace & Bracelet – hand made by me / Glasses – New Look

Photos : Konrad K. / Me

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  1. Pretty dress and super cool necklace! I like the idea of being a bird, too. Such lovely photos!
    xx, Elle

  2. So beautiful!! Love the location and your outfit <3 Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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