How to find your passion ?

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 I have recently noticed that many people are complaining about their jobs and life in general. They work and do things they don’t really like or even hate! I was always wondering why they continue to do these things!? When I am asking this questions I usually hear thousands of excuses on why they must do something they don’t want to do!  Whenever I hear excuses it makes me think whether they really want to change their situation or just like to have a reason to complain?  

When I ask questions like: What would you like to do? Do you have any hobbies or passion? People usually struggle to answer this simple question!  Simple!?…. Is it really as simple as it sounds? Well, the issue is complex and really has two answers! It depends what kind of person you are and what is your situation, but a GREAT point is that we are adults and we can do everything we want in our life or at least try! Life is too short to complain about something we don’t want to do. If we do that, it is only our choice.

So how does one find a perfect job? The first thing you have to do is to find something you enjoy! Something that makes you happy and when you going to sleep you can’t wait to get up the next day to do more of it! Sounds ridiculous? I know, but this is called PASSION!  Passion is the key to happier life! When you find it you will never feel like you work! If you are at the point of your life when you try to find out what would you like do and still can’t answer it, let me help you with that.

Try to answer the few questions and do the tasks below:

1.What did you love to do as a kid?

2. Create a board with things you enjoy the most! (It may be anything – gardening, painting, dancing, cleaning, travelling, photography, selling etc.). 

3. When you pick a few things you enjoy the most, sort them in order from what you love the most to the least.

4. Start from the top and think of what your skills are like, how to improve them and take the necessary steps to start learning more in this topic.

5. Find placement in the chosen industry (even a very short one)! Make contacts and friends (if possible) and remember to work hard!

If you did all the points above, you have done all the hard work to introduce your passion into your life! Don’t wait any longer and just do it now! No one is going to do it for you!

Enjoy your every day of your life – one at the time.

A wise man once said: I prefer a life full of “Oh well, maybe next time”  than one full of “What if”.

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  1. What an inspiring post! It’s sometimes hard to find one’s passion.


  2. Wow you are gorgeous! Amazing dress and these pictures are breathtaking!

  3. Wonderful pictures!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  4. OMG, love your hair, so GORGEOUS! ♥♥♥

    Anyway, this is such an amazing post about how to find your passion. This is really helpful and I agree with you, if you have passion for anything it can really lead to a happier life and I love the quote you posted here, so thanks a lot for sharing.


  5. Great advice, I absolutely love your blog. It is very unique plus your pictures are beautiful

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