The Mysterious Royal Tale

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The Idea of a royal tale

Quite a while ago, we have decided to organise a photo/video session, showcasing a couple of my designs. First thing we needed, was a location and because of the royal-ish style of these clothes we came up with an idea to find a castle or another equally “spiffing” looking place for this “Royal Tale” to be filmed. After a few weeks of research and preparation, we managed to find a perfect location and all needed accessories. When we secured a date with the owner of this amazing residence, we have started counting days to the photoshoot.

Some results of our work had already been published and you can find them here : ” Castle Strolling In My Design” and here : Japanese Dress – My Design”

What the video is about

The queen symbolises a person with a weakness to material things especially gold. The other girl wearing red dress, with a bird print symbolises “Freedom” which came to her house one day. The “Freedom” was smiling, strolling around the house with a hope that she finds someone to give the freedom to. The queen began to give herself  up to this amazing feeling and started evaluating her life. She was dancing and playing with her crown which also symbolises her attachment to the material world . On this day the queen decided to leave the world which bears no merit for her soul and follow the “Freedom” forever!

This clip was the very first one we have ever created! I hope you enjoy watching it! Let me know what you think  about our efforts!

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  1. So creative and very inspiring! I love the yellow tint and the ensembles you both wore. Great job girlie.

    Dakota D.

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