The Unseen Exhibition, London

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 The Unseen

the unseen exhibition

The Unseen. I really wanted to see this exhibition. I was writing about it in my Uni dissertation which was titled “New Technologies in Fashion”. New Technologies starting to play an important role in Fashion and we hear about it more and more every day. The Unseen is all about ink-treated fabrics that can change colour when exposed to heat, moist, light and wind. On one of the photos below, you can find a curtain which is changing colour throughout seasons depending on heat. As you can see, the curtain is purple but small part of it closer to the radiator becomes green. Candles, book frames and feathers as well  as many other changing colour pieces can be found on this exhibition. I think this is an incredible and magical idea. Imagine this fabric on your clothes or accessories! Would you like to have something like that?

 The unseen London

Fabric changing color

The unseen London

The unseen somerset house London

Chameleon clothing Unseen

The unseen london

Unseen exhibition London

the unseen

Photos : Me / Konrad K

Also I am adding below two photographs from The Unseen website to show you one of the designs which was inside the glass box and didn’t present his beauty like on this photos and the second one is the different version of the first photo in this post.

The unseen chameleon clothing

The unseen clothing London

2 Photos above from The Unseen website.

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  1. Amazing fabric. I did not notice the change next to the heating until you said so. What else does this amazing fabric do? And do you think it will be on sale in the next couple of years?

    xx Anna and Christel

  2. What a gorgeous and cool exhibit! That’s such a cool idea for a fabric to change colors with the weather conditions! Great photos!

  3. It’s really amazing to know what technology can do! I will be so excited if I can own a design with a fabric that can change colors when exposed to heat, wind and other elements. It will be so cool!


  4. Wow!!! I don’t believe it. Love this t-shirt!! AMAZING.
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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