The Reasons Why You Should Think Positive

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Have you ever wondered what could you potentially do to make your life merrier? The answer to this question or rather “what you could do”, is both simple and complex. The key to happiness is of course positive thinking! It may seem like a simple thing at a glance but it’s far from it, well for most of us at least. Everyone asked about it will happily say that they do think positively but this usually is “just for show” – Yes my friends, very often we do lie to ourselves. Fear not though! Lying to yourself can actually be very helpful if done in the right way. There are several techniques of self-suggestion which can help you in various ways in dealing with everyday problems, fears and phobias. Positive thinking brings many benefits to our lives. The first one, although a bit trivial, is lack of the negative thinking! 🙂 Yes, I know this may not sound very scientific but it’s just like the saying about glass half full… – the more positive thoughts you have in your glass, the less space there is for the bad ones. I am not trying to say that there is a limit of things that can fit in our heads, what I mean is that there is a limit to the number of things we think and worry about on daily basis. Occupying your brain with positive thoughts does not leave much space for worrying about bills, school, work and all other things we stress about. To help you with this I have a little tip for you which helps me a lot when I’am down. When you are worried about your whole world, remember two things: 1. You are not the only person with these problems (other people are going through the exact same thing every day. 2. You are NEVER alone (there is always someone you can talk to about your problems). If positive thinking is still a problem and you are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, why not trying to learn positive thinking? Yes, I know it may sounds weird but it’s true. You can lean this in the same way as you learn cooking for example. You can start from determining where you are in live and what you are currently doing (day to day stuff). Whatever you doing every day, try to notice positive aspects of it. For example : If you are getting up early in the morning and it’s really rainy, most people would complain about the rain but you could to try to interpret what is around you in a different way in more metaphorical way. Rain in a dream for example means “fulfilment of a promise”, other meaning of rain is “hope and new life”, another one is „to wash away the dirt aka bad stuff from our lives”. As you can see it does not have to be bad news when it rains, it only depends how you read it and how you feel about it. I have done this many times and it helps me every time I’am down. Instead of joining other people in their complaining, start thinking how nice it is to have this weather sometimes every so often! If all this does not make you happier, think how much you loved rain as a child! I have danced many times in the rain with my cuisines when I was little! We loved it! It was simply awesome!

Positive thinking has a lot of advantages which can have big impact on our body and mind! The first one is Better health! When we think positive, our whole body works better, we do not see the little health problems because we are occupied with the good thoughts. We are more resistant to diseases and care less about the bad things that happen to us. We also go through live easier and enjoy it much more! Strong motivation and better self-esteem will help you in all your goals – regardless how distant and difficult they are! Happiness raises standard of our work and as a of that result we become more successful! Improved relations – I don’t have to say that people prefer to go into closer a relationships (on all levels) with positive people. Would you like to be a friend of someone who complains all the time or someone who is always smiling  and is fun to be around? Take this into consideration and let me know what you think. If you tried any self-suggestion techniques and positive thinking exercises, I would love to know what conclusions you got to and how well did it work for you!?

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  1. you’re so right…positive thinking isso important 🙂 especially for the own health!

  2. Amazing post and so cute photo!
    Have a great week-end!
    Natallia Jolliet

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