My First Print & Textiles Exhibition in London

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Hello everyone! I’m really exited to start my first print/textile Candid Arts exhibition in London this weekend! Fashion and Print design are the two of my main passions. While designing clothes I was always design prints which later in production are used in the whole collection. This is what makes all clothes totally unique!

Last weekend I was exhibiting “Invisible to the eye” garments collection featuring my prints and a lot of hand work. This time I am exhibiting my print designs which you can use to decorate your home.

“Heart” and “vest” COLLECTION

The first collection is called “Heart” and was created to help people embrace the positive vibrations. When you look at the pictures you see a lot of beautiful colours and a hart shape in the middle which symbolises love. When you are in a bad mood, just look at this picture and think for a few minutes about all the positive things in your life, who you love and  who loves you. I guarantee that you will see a big smile on your face!
There are original prints (on fabric) and a limited edition printed on high quality paper available to buy on the exhibition.

The “Vest” collection is made using lino cut technique and there are only a few originals available. I have a few more at home if anyone is interested. I have included an extra piece called “Phoenix” made on fabric batik technique.

Where to find the exhibition?

If you live in London and love art exhibitions or just looking for unique gifts for Christmas in affordable prices you should definitely visit this exhibition! It is called Angel Christmas Fair and is taking place from today (Friday) 5 to 9pm and Saturday to Sunday 5th and 6th December from 11am to 6pm. Free entry so Everybody welcome!  Bring Friends!

print exhibition LondonPhotos and Prints : Me / Violin

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  1. I love your artwork. You are so talented that you can design clothes as well as make art. This looks like such a lovely exhibition. I wish I lived in London so I could see it. Thanks for sharing your photos with us so we could see it online. Have a great weekend!


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