Have You Ever Wonder How Shoes Are Made?

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 How Shoes Are Made?

Shoes are very important and quite specialized part of our wardrobe. Everyone has a few pairs at home, each one for different occasion, purpose and weather. We wear them everyday and everyone has their favorite pair as well as a pair which is never used. Have you ever wondered how shoes are made? I always thought this must be a very difficult process which requires super specialized machinery. I came across this fantastic clips showing how shoes are made!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Please do let me know your thoughts!


From Youtube

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  1. This is so fascinating! It takes so much time and effort to make an quality pair of shoes.

  2. Wow, love your blog! This is a great post, so fascinating and informative thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. That looks incredibly difficult to make a shoe. Plus he still needs to make the other one.

  4. Very interesting! But I think I will stick to only wearing shoes♥

  5. Wow, such a great video showing the process behind making shoes! I’ve never really thought about all the work that goes into it. This video definitely gave me a better appreciation of the process, especially designer shoes that use such high quality materials.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a lovely day!



  6. Thanks for sharing these videos with us! It’s so fascinating to see how the designs on paper are transformed to beautiful shoes!

  7. Wow, looks like such a delicate process, loved it, thanks for sharing!
    xx, Nataliya

  8. I think I must send this article to my shoe collector bestfriend whom just buy shoes everytime we went shopping.


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