Fashion or Art ? Some of the weirdest clothes in the world

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Fashion has been balancing on the border of art for a long time now. We can observe this especially on fashion runaways but can weird fashion be always called “art”? How to recognize the subtle difference between art and daub? Where is the border? Personally, I love and appreciate art in fashion. Art for me, it is something timeless, genius but does not necessarily need to fascinate everyone. Each of us evaluates art in our own way. How would you judge the world of “weird fashion”?

weird fashion
Left : Manish Arora / Right : Givenchy by Alexander McQueen, Fall 1999.
weird fashion 2
Left : Viktor & Rolf – Fall Winter 2005 / Right : Agatha Ruiz De La Prada A/W 2009
weird fashion 4
Left : Gianni Molaro / Right : Pinterest
weird fashion 5
Left : Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada – Pasarela / Right : Agatha Ruiz De La Prada 2009
weird fashion 6
Left : Yegor Zaitsev AW 2010/2011 / Right : Pinterest
weird fashion 7
Left : Valeska Jasso Collado / Right : The Hug Me Jacket by Si Chan 2012
weird fashion 8
weird fashion 9
Left : Fashion as Art : Kermit Tesoro / Right : Nicholas Kirkwood 2013
weird fashion 11
Left : tumblr / Right : Serkan Cura Antwerp Academy Graduation Show 2007
weird fashion 10
Left : Pinterest / Right : Charlie-Le-Mindu
weird fashion 13
Left : wmagazine / Right : Pinterest
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  1. OMG! Those clothes are really really weird but very interesting at the same time. I want to watch a fashion show showcasing all of those clothes. :))

    Have a beautiful day!


  2. AMzing photos! Lovely blog! have a great weekend!
    Much love, Len

  3. Oh, my god, these photos are so fashion. We live in fashion world

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