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Since I remember I have had problems with dry skin especially in the winter. I was using all those brands that you can get in Superdrug or Boots and I couldn’t find anything that works on my skin. I wasn’t happy with the composition of products either (ingredients).

People these days are trying to “go back to nature”: Everyone knows how much chemicals we have in everything especially food and cosmetics. I was looking for something based on natural ingredients and finally I’ve found it! I have came across SPA FIND cosmetics based on natural ingredients ! 

After first use I already knew that I don’t want to use anything else! Ever!  Now I know I have finally found something perfect for my body! No more dry skin! I’am really happy!

spamagick 800 ink 1

 My set contains a body lotion – great moisturizing with amazing, relaxing long lasting smell; Mineralizing shower gel; Hydration Dead Sea Bath Salts, Mineralizing Salt Brushing – Leaves a lovely smell, moisturizes your skin; Hydrating Mineralizing Shampoo and finally the Conditioning Scalp Mud.

The brand offers a hundreds of products for everyone. I have chosen this pack because it contains everything that I need: P If you are looking for great natural cosmetics with all confidence I can recommend this brand!

spamagick 800 ink 2

Everything is placed in this lovely bag. I must say this is the best travel beauty-bag I have ever had. The size is just perfect – not too small and not too big.

I am going to be testing more products from this brand soon so stay tuned!

Cosmetics – Spa Find 

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  1. These products seems very good, I’d like to try them!
    Didn’t know this brand, thanx for share!

  2. Wonderful product! Sounds great, yeah please keep on testing!!

  3. Dead Sea Salts sound great, already had some products with it and they were all good. These I didn’t know before, but already like the packaging!!


  4. These sound lovely! How awesome that you liked these products so much from the get-go. I also have problems with dry skin during winter and have been obsessing over oils lately!

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