Skin hydration, Just how important is it?

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Intelligent Skin Hydration Analysis in SECONDS

Skin hydration and it’s condition is more important than it may seem! Dry skin is definitely not healthy and to make matters worse, there are many factors which can make your skin dryer, the main one being simply water!

Why is water making your skin dryer?

Yes, I know this sounds really counter intuitive, because why would water make you skin dry? It’s the opposite of what water usually does right? Well, wrong! Let’s science this topic up!

Your skin produces surface liquids but you can also apply some on your skin in form of natural oils which keep moisture locked in your skin or can help in doing it depending on what you use. Showering, baths and swimming causes long exposure to water which in turn means removal of the surface lipids from your skin, allowing the moisture to leak out of your skin, causing dryness. So although initially water can moisturise, when the liquids are gone, water can actually dry skin even more.

how do i know how hydrated is my skin?

There are a few ways the simplest one being “delicate scratching” in places where you suspect the skin is dry. If your skin is dehydrated you will see a little line of scratched off epidermis – this test does not hurt and will be especially visible in the winter.

The above “self-test” is a bit too messy for my liking and this is why I’ve tried the Hydra Test!

hydra test 2a

This little handy device will tell you exactly how hydrated and how oily is your skin. It comes with a handy explanation of the scales and thanks to it, my skin will never be dry again!

Skin hydration testing

Testing this device in a proper way was a real pain but I was committed to do it right, so what I’ve done was, I have washed my hands really well and dried them to have a base result to start from. and then I have used a few skin products to see how much will the results differ. After every test with new product, I have repeated the washing and drying until my results were exactly the same as before starting the experiment.

hydra test Skin hydration
Base results before applying skin products and after a thorough wash and drying.
hydra test skin hydration spa magik
Results after using Spa Magik Miracle Moisturizer
hydra test skin hydration Spa Find
Results after using Spa Magik Body Treatment Oil
hydra test skin hydration Nivea
Results after using Nivea Creme


Hydra test skin hydration compilation.

Let me know if you have any other ideas on how to check your skin hydration?!

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