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Myfitnesspal mobile app

19 of March! Oh yes we are at the end of March already! Summer is getting closer and the days are getting longer. I can’t wait for the sunny and warm days! There is nothing better to get a lot of energy from, than a lovely sunny day! I would say this is even better then coffee! Especially just after a long winter we appreciate them more! Probably most of you already started thinking about how to loose some weight. I know – Christmas time, long and cold days…. I get it! I am not a fan of any diets! I am totally crap with it but I love to eat healthy food. Not because I want to loose weight but healthy food gives me a lot of energy for whole day also my hair and skin looks better which makes me feel much better! And yes – I am addicted to chocolate and hot chocolate! I am working a lot so I need to keep my brain active but how can I effectively limit it?  I was looking for something that can help me in keeping watch over how many calories I consume per day . It is much easier to enjoy a hot chocolate twice a day if you don’t know how many calories is has, obliviously it has still a lot of minerals and vitamins but it don’t change the number of calories I’m afraid!  

Finally I have founded this fantastic android app- MyFitnessPal . I think this is the best thing to see and understand how much you actually eat! Also when you register it ask you few questions about your age, weight and the best one – do you wont to loose weight?! And then how much do you wont to loose per week ? It can be 0,25kg or 0,5kg or  even 1kg? Depends on your weight and what you wont to achieve. Let’s say you want to loose 0,5kg per week . It tells you how much calories you should consume per day to loose this weight! Also you can add exercises if you have done any.

This is very simple – when you eat something, you have to search for it and add it to your daily meal list. It is very easy to learn what is worth eating and what is bad for you. Sometimes we eat when we are not even hungry so do you really need these calories? 

Portugal lunch
Healthy lunch in Portugal. I think it was the most delicious and healthiest lunch I have ever had! 

When you add gym to all this you will look amazing this summer! Below you can see a screen shoot of my account to get an idea how it works. The photo is from the first day of use so I was still working out how to use it 😛 You can use it on the computer too but I prefer phone the phone app 😛 Let me know what do you think about it? Have you ever tried this APP or a similar one?


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  1. Ooh this looks delish. Salmon is soo good ! Getting hungry just looking at it 🙂

  2. Great idea to track via an app! I can’t wait for some warmer days 🙂

  3. Looking so delicious!
    Have a nice evening!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  4. I can’t wait of summer either! It feels like this winter has been so long.
    xx Elle

  5. wowww so delicious photo!! interesting app! I´ll try it!
    have a great weekend!!

  6. My boyfriend is currently trying the app and he loves it. 🙂 Yummy post!

  7. Wow, I really need this. I am downloading the app right now. Thanks for this post.

    Love, Gly

  8. how did you know I’m a salmon addict? 😉

  9. the photo is so good – it is amazing and very well done

  10. beautiful…Such an inspiration!
    Kisses from Miami,

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