5 Reasons Why Natural Cosmetics Are Worth Using

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The natural cosmetics are getting more and more popular recently. I am also a fan of organic cosmetics and using them for more then 2 years now. After all this time I can’t imagine coming back to the “normal”,  very cheap brands available everywhere. I think there is simply no point in doing that and everyone who used organic cosmetics will agree with me on that. Before I have started using them I have had a lot of problems with my skin, especially after showering when it was getting really dry really quick! I always thought it depends on water quality or season but when I have changed cosmetics to organic ones I was really surprised to find out how much of a positive impact they have had on my body and skin condition. Allow me to explain to you why organic cosmetics are such a good choice!

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1. No side effects!

Organic cosmetics practically have no side effects and have no a major negative impact on our health and safety because they contain natural ingredients. But it is worth remembering that everyone’s body is different and although these cosmetics are usually free from allergens, it is always better to try then on small body part first before using them on your whole body. Just in case! I never do that myself though …. oh well … 🙂

2. Suitable for all skin and hair types!

Ingredients of natural cosmetics are very friendly for all kinds of skin and hair types. Sometimes brands are creating product for dry skin and separate one for normal but even if you have diverse types of skin you can use it without any side effects. Natural properties of organic products are usually noticeably and positively working on everyone although you should find your own favourite brand which suits your needs.

3. Safe to use!

Compared with traditional drug store products, natural cosmetics are much safer to use! They contain organic ingredients so you don’t have to worry about harmful substances penetrating your body. Usually these products are free from allergens so you can use them without restrictions but you have to remember to check the expiration date very so often as organic cosmetics contain natural preservatives and so their time of use is much shorter. 

4. Not tested on animals!

Natural Cosmetics are largely based on traditional health and beauty recipes proven over the years by many people! They don’t contain chemical ingredients that must be tested on animals. All natural cosmetics are based on plant extracts, herbs, natural oils, or dead sea minerals, salts and muds. All this was very well known and has been used from ancient times!

5. A wide range of product and prices!

“Organic cosmetic” doesn’t mean “Expensive!” Recently many brands appeared on the market offering a wide range of products with different prices. Some of them are expensive because of the quality but there is a lot of others priced more reasonably. You have to find the most suitable for your pocket!

I am using organic cosmetics made by brands like Spa Find , Spa Magik (which is very good value for money) and Spa Magik Organiks which I am obsessed with recently, especially with the 6 Oil Super Serum which I am using on my face, neck and hands every day! I love the lavender smell and want to keep it forever! After 2 weeks of regular use I have noticed significant improvement of my skin!  ( please note : this is my recommendation, not an advert).

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  1. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographe Gil Zetbase

  2. Ive heard great things about organic products and always vouch to switch but I just haven’t done it. Thanks for sharing this, I am inspired to make the change. One product at a time. Great post.

  3. I totally agree that it’s preferable to use natural products and I’m always looking for effective ones so thanks for the recommendation


  4. No side effects – this is an unbeatable advantage 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. I totally agree with what you have to say about natural cosmetics. Indeed it’s important to make that change.

  6. I’ve recently rediscovered Body Shop cosmetics and I can already see an improvement in my skin, which is normally very dry. I kept passing the Body Shop store for so many months and I have no idea why I haven’t gone in until now!

  7. These are all great reasons. I want to try and use more organic products.


  8. That’s interesting I always thought that organic = expensive so even though I wanted to try organic cosmetics I figured they would be out of my price range. I’ll have to give them another look.


  9. Indeed natural products are much safer to use <3

  10. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great day!
    Natallia Jolliet

  11. Yes, you are so right and it is definitely the right decision to use natural cosmetics!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. This was a great post! So glad we stumbled across your blog. We both have oily and sensitive skin so there aren’t many products we can use without breaking out. We are going to try the organic route 🙂 Thanks girl!

    -Savvy Soles

  13. I love this article and I so agree with these statements . I am obsessed with nut and coconut oil 🙂

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